Civil Technology

Department of Civil Technology

Science and technology have been of special importance in human history along with other fields of life. The most important human need, namely the importance of housing, gained prominence in construction. That is why the history of civil technology is so old. Civil technology, while helping to meet basic needs, also provides the basis for the other pleasures of life. Examples include vehicle-driven roads, dams for power generation, airports for air travel, and several story strong buildings for large industries.

Civil technology plays a key role in the progress and development of any country and society. This department has responsibilities for planning, designing, construction and maintenance of buildings, roads, water supplies, sanitary and other facilities. In addition, the development of irrigation, airports and ports are among the responsibilities of the department. The planning and designing of these projects is done by professional engineers who are highly educated. While the detail and information required for them are provided by the graduate students of the technical colleges. In addition, the engineers directly monitor the repair of these projects.

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